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I recommend wedding consultation to you who want to perform the wedding planning on their own. We help you with the following:

  • 1 consultation meeting 2 hours

  • Advice, tips and ideas on how you can avail yourself of personal touches and keep your budget.

  • Planning & checklists

You can always choose for themselves during the process if you want to add some additional services for your needs

Price fr. 4000 SEK inc. tax.

Full Arrangement

– For total relaxation & security


For those of you who want to hand over the entire time-consuming detailed planning in safe hands. You tell me what you have for wishes and expectations of your special day and based on that , we develop a program that fits your personality and schedule . The program is individually adapted to your needs along with personal meetings and contacts via phone and email. Things we can do for you can be the choice of wedding location and local .

Reservations by various vendors such as musicians, florists , photographers. Orders for publications , wedding programs, personalized gifts. If you have guests from far away so we can arrange hotel bookings, babysitters , dog guards.

We help you to find suitable suppliers in your style and within your budget . You can count on us to always check suppliers before we recommend them to you .

We are also on the wedding day and make sure you have a wonderful day where everything runs as planned!

Price fr. 55.000 SEK inc. tax


Wedding Coordination

– A day full of love and romance

We are with you on the wedding day as a support and ensures that planning will flow as it should. You can relax and enjoy each other , spending time with family and friends , dance and have fun . You do not have to worry about unforeseen events , they take care of in the best way .  Some examples of what we can do for you on the wedding day can be to receive orders and delivery of flowers , decorate the church / hall , handle emergency situations that may arise eg cracked dress and much more 

Price fr. 30.000 SEK inc. tax 

Free Meeting


At our first meeting we tell more about us and inform our approach to wedding planning and what we can do for you as a wedding coordinator . Together we discuss your wishes , needs and ideas.

Partial Arrangements


For those of you who need help with single or multiple design elements , you can select and combine various services for your needs. You may already have booked wedding and banquet space but need support in other areas .


We help you with the parts you do not want or can control up .

Price fr. 45.000 SEK inc. tax


Other Services

Inspection trips


We also organize guided tours and private group of max 10personer where you get the opportunity to see different wedding locations, meet our partners as florists, photographers & decorators. Contact us at for more information and if you are interested in booking a private tour traveling along your wishes.

Renew Vows

For those of you who have been married for a few years and want to show love for one another again is the renewal of vows a fantastic idea. Perhaps were you married castle thoroughly and now want to have a church blessing ? Whether you wish to hold a small private ceremony in a garden or a pompous celebration with many elements , we are with you in the planning and support you so that the reception tailored to your style and personality.



Wedding By Moalee has many years of experience in the travel industry , which contributes to large network . Together , we tailor your honeymoon along the wishes of experience and budget. 

Bachelorette / Bachelor Party

We are happy bridal procession led by arranging hen & stag parties. Everything from the lovely spa experiences, fun missions to different & unique dining experiences.

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